An Autobiography of Thoughts

© Dom Martin

Every life comes with the diminishing ability to outlive failure.

Death tolls the bells of absence in a harrowing mode.

Abstinence gives prodigal thoughts a prodigious home.

Accidents provide science with illogical discoveries and the highways with logical deaths.

Accusations do not expedite truth; they adjourn it for the wellbeing of none.

1. Failures drop at our feet the very mountains that success has just overcome

2. Achievement is not any one person's autonomy, but different realities occurring at different levels of existence, and thereafter, making their timely convergence into the consciousness of that one receptive person.

1. Every acquaintance budgets our will to succeed and survive.

2. Every acquaintance is a formidable weapon against the uncertainties of life.

3. One's own memory is the most faithful of all acquaintances.

Life's sole acquisition is the ego. The rest is either a tombstone or a milestone.

Existence is an infinity of intervening actions compacted into a single perpetuity: Time.

Silence is a state of activity, in which, ordinary thoughts accelerate into revelations.

1 Survival sets the stage for our versatile acts.

2. Life in time becomes a deteriorating act.

1. Excessive admiration stumbles the tongue.

2. True admiration has neither editorial nor oratorical qualities.

Adversity is a recurring door in every one's life, circumstantially slammed, yet, likewise opened through the ingenuous keys of perseverance.

Advice does not grow out the tree of wisdom. It consists in creating a rationale between reality and one's reaction to it.

Life has become a lucrative hardware in the hands of fumbling agents.

Survival is our most threatening aggravation.

Aggression is an inward restlessness wallowing from untampered patience.

. Truth is the product of time and is ever consistently in agreement with its predecessors.

Each new moment comes with the travesty of alienating our aspirations from reality.

2. In altering the substance of nature, we are providing posterity with a damn new religion: Alienation!

There is an unruly allegiance to our exasperation to succeed.

1. The matter of existence -- rather than ambition -- ought to be the focal point of being in the framework of time.

2. Every truth symbolizes an ambition to maintain its integrity to the end of time.

The mind is a phenomenal devolution of the amnesia inherited at birth.

We are all descendants of the occidental marriage between life and death.

Anger is words travelling at the speed of intemperance.

1. Anxiety is psychological perspiration.
2. Anxiety is a self-prescribed drug.
3. Anxiety is a progressive burden.
4. Anxiety provides depression with its ecliptic melodrama.

1. Apology is not reconstructive surgery. Apologies only give us the initiative to sweep away the fragments of time and memory, so that we do not constantly keep crunching on them.

2. Apologies do not truly heal one's wounded emotions; they only insulate memory from pain.

Life set's the stage for our multiple appearances as ingenious actors, and death draws the curtain for no more encores.

Appetite originates in the mind, and the belly sets the table.

Appreciation, lack of
Not every deed ends up on a pedestal; most become pedestals for the begrudging benefit of others

Our deeds become the architectural plans for others to construct their visions of lavish hope or despair.

Arguments either incite or subdue our ignorance of things.

Aristocracy shall always be a privileged minority on time's lease.

1. Arrogance does not perspire; it simply deteriorates into failure.

2. Arrogance is opinionated emotions.

Art and Artists
My art is a reflection of the cataclysm between the Might of Existence and the vulnerability of the Human Spirit.

Art is my passion, my death and resurrection.

It is unfortunately so, that an artist strives only to succeed in becoming a posthumous revelation.

1. Every passing moment provides our subconscious with a brand new aspiration

2. Life is an unbearable aspiration of hope, greed and unintended folly.

3. Aspiration is perspiration's third eye.

Regret does not precede assertion; discretion does.

Every life is a meaningful asset in a world that orbits ever so effectually around liabilities.

1. Atheists merely question God's morality in a world where humanity continues to erode between the latitudes of good and evil.

2. Atheism is a palette with the colors of darkness.
1. Attitudes cannot be impersonated, because like thoughts, they are the skin of our beingness.

2. Reality is a reflection of our attitude towards ourselves and others.

3. Circumstances provoke attitudes, and egos define them.

Time is a degenerative audience.

Truth's initial audience consists of the deaf and the dumb.

Authority should inspire one's path in life, not overshadow it with fear.

Time is our autobiography and death our biographer.

No other automobile surpasses the human heart. It is chauffeured by the mind, insured by time, fueled by hope, towed by perseverence, and finally laid to rest amidst collective grief.

1. Every life is time's reincarnated awareness.

2. Awareness does not make us succeed better, but enables us to control the power of success.

Ignorance is a common background.

Beauty becomes that which is plainly perceived by the mind.

We are all beggars on time's runway, sideswiped by the politics of our own guilt.

Each new moment in life is a sublime beginning, splendidly given us to overcome the fatigue of survival.

1. Belief does not realize our ambitions. It only masterminds our patience.

2. The power of existence is within the realm of belief.

3. Belief is not a matter of choice but a manifestation that occurs despite one's psychological resistance.

1. Distrusting the other does not always protect us from betrayal. Sometimes, it is necessary to distrust our own trust in the other.

2. Familiarity sponsors betrayal.

The Bible is a living testimony of the Unseen Fact called God.

Let the birds fly free; the beasts roam wild; bugs, insects, vermin..... for as humanbeings, ain't we too amongst ourselves like birds, beasts, insects, bugs, vermin, et al!

Birth, in essence, is being guilty of life and carries with it the irreversible sentence of death.

Death, is insensible blindness.

1. Impatience is the processing center for most of our idealistic blunders.

2. Blunders are as innate as hiccups. You can't foresee them, much less, blame some one else for yours.

1. Bragging gives the ego an inflammable mouthpiece.

2. Boasting is investing your ego in some one else's mouth.

Bombs epitomize violence with greater violence.

We can have no mastery over boredom, only plain subservience.

Behind every painstaking patience is an equally equitable bore.

Borrowing and Lending
1. Borrowing is a degenerative gain.

2. Lenders and borrowers are financed by the Bank of Mutual Stress.

It takes a considerable amount of bravery to maintain life once we piteously realize it is in our own hands.

Every life is a measured brevity, and how we choose to live it is our own elaboration.

1. Bribe has many mouths to feed.

2. Bribery is an alkaline keystone.

Nothing is ever more broad-minded than intoxication.

1. Life is a shortlived budget.

2. Life is our only budget, with a lien against earth.

3. Life is budgeted by hope.

4. The environment is humanity's existential budget.

Survival is a living burial ground for humanity's hopes, aspirations, dreams and desires.

Death is a timeless cloud of calm.

Life is a depreciating calm.

1. Capitalism invests the membership of wealth in the hands of a few.

2. Capitalism makes society reciprocal to stress.

Cause and Effect
Life is the implied effect of death on existence.
Humanity is an anatomy of supernatural causes in which every living being is a vital cell.

1. Cautiousness addicts us to the uneventful.

2. Caution is a needles necessity.

Without the ordinary, the illustrious would be choirless.

Ceremonies are non-prescriptive drugs, inducing temporal relief from the ills of survival.

Life is an overwhelming monotony, addicted to constant change.

Need shapes our character while conscience attempts to repress it.

Charity absolves wealth.

1. Choice, must not be choiceless.

2. Every choice, for the most part, is a calculable decline.

Church and State
God is not a politician, and a politician is not a God. The two are legal sides of a nonconforming coin which when flipped, one ends up facing heaven and the other the earth.

1. While some churches stand as monumental reminders of God's existence, others have been reduced to portraits of human pride and folly.

2. God does not need to be incarcerated within colossal stone and artistry. Churches, therefore, are existential portraits of God's whereabouts, as subject to the elements of wear and tear as to that of belief and disbelief.

This world has, and will always be possessed by circumstances.

1. Cleanliness was not an issue in nature until commerce came forth with an effective deodorant.

2. Cleanliness is an opinionated detergent.

The will to live gives life its coarseness.

All that which cannot fit in one's coffin, must be thought of for the benefit of others.

We are all comedians on the shifting tracks of survival, attempting to overtake the other with our high-falutin hopes and aspirations.

1. Commerce is a civilized savagery against mankind.

Common sense
1. There is no longer anything common with common sense other than a most common reference.

Common man
1. The common man has been a predestined corpus on the crosses of exploitation.

2. The common man has and will always be the rim on humanity's Wheel of Progress.

1. Man is never alone; his existence is a living synonym in the Thesaurus of the Universe.

1. Compassion is a healing calm to the troubled, the afflicted and the needy.

1. It is fair competition if everyone is in accord about climbing the mountain rather than have the mountain named after the victor.
2. It takes the same degree of ease to under-estimate a non-competitor as it takes to over-estimate a potential competitor.

1. Peace is a lasting marriage between compromise and compliance.

1. Compromises de-evaluate the ego.

2. There's a macrocosm of unending compromises in the microchip of every second, averting fates of varying allegiance and intensity from colliding and turning each new moment into a calculable risk in the gambit of existence.*

1. Every age comes with the compulsiveness to overtake time. The result is human catastrophe.

1. Death is life's confessional.

1. Life is an intended conflict between the material and the spiritual, from which we evolve and become an inspiration to others, or an intimidating example.

Conflict, inner
1. Survival is a lifelong commitment to inner conflicts.

1. It is not possible for life to conform with reality without corroborating with regret and errors.

1. Life does not give us the propriety to conquer the other, but rather, it inflicts us with the conscientious burden of freeing the other from our overwhelming presence.

1. Our conscience is not as photogenic as our faces.

2. Conscience is humanity's center of gravity.
3. Conscience is humanity's auxiliary heartbeat.

4. Conscience is an invisible stone, capable of hurting others no less than our ourselves.

5. Conscience, more often times than not, is a vulnerable solution to our ever amassing needs and aspirations.

1. Tomorrow does not provide conservation with a more prolific vision. Today does!

1. Time consoles us with hope.

1. Frustration is a natural constancy, as inevitable as survival.

1. Contemplation enables us to slow down the process of comprehending the complex, the mysterious or the vague.

1. Humanity is a contemporaneous solution between today and tomorrow.

1. Contempt is a natural disguise for our inability to accept or appreciate any prospect of reality towards which we have nothing to do with, or contribute to.

1. Controversy brings us one step closer to becoming significantly important or insignificant.

1. Life is a subconscious conversation with the elements that hold the universe gravitationally together.

1. Corruption is humanity's fingerless fingerprint.

2. Corruption is a highly combustible asset.

3. Corruption is an unseen yet highly formidable digit on our economic calculator.

1. Birth is the beginning of courage.

1. Circumstances give life its heroic brevity or indefinite extension through cowardliness.

Creation and Creativity
1. Every life is time's creativity within the framework of our fleeting aspirations.

1. We are all accomplices in the scheme of survival.

1. Criticism is the mind's allergic reaction to reality.

2. Art critics are secondary facts, in that, they can only improve upon facts that exist before their eyes.

1. The world has deteriorated to the point where it would take more than one crucifixion to absolve it.

1. There are many ways of recording history: Contemporaneously or posthumously.

2. Conserving the awareness of the present is the purest form of recording history for posterity.

1. Curiosity does not work for a living, it only creates work for those who mind their own affairs.

1. True danger comes from within our impulse to err.

1. Death is an inevitable feat.

2. My day in time shall also assuredly come when I too shall take the dreaded step out of this overwhelming ignorance.

3. In death, we become the sky for those we left behind.

4. Death makes life seem like a tragic predilection.

5. Death is the frightening reality of our invincible grief.

Wealth is a psychological debt.

Deception is an innovative role-model.

Survival demands decisions, and perseverance perfects them.

Humanity is secured by an Unknown Deed, trustingly held by time in the Bank of Providence.

1. Defeat has no reality but the notion of time having come to a sudden standstill.

2. We cannot conquer that which we haven't been ordained to conquer, and such ordination -- in and of itself -- is as benighted as the purpose of our presence in the traffic of existence.

Defense is a disoriented omnipotence.

So long as there's another train, recognition will continue to adjourn its arrival.

Democracy is a hopeless coin in a world where disparity is the order of survival.

1. Life is a state of irrevocable dependency.

2. Life cannot help but develop itself into a self-propelled dependency on others.

1. Self-pity nurtures depression.

2. Depression is slow poison.

Life is a natural deprivation unto death, and possessions and positions are mere dispensable appendages.

1. Survival generally vetoes our most prolific desires.

2. Time dissipates life, and desires dissipate time.

Despair is not a crystal ball, but the reflection of our hopeless paranoia.

Desperation is an act of prejudice against the wisdom of existence and the faculties of survival.

No being, however illustrious or affluent, is spared from the difficulty of being alive, and having to stay alive.

Life is an immortal dilemma between what is and what is to be or become.

We are all disciples of humanity.

1. You cannot discipline creativity.

2. Discipline should summon judgement, not impulsive authority.

3. You cannot discipline humanity with politics.

4. A child's will cannot be disciplined. It needs to be arbitrarily led.

1. Discord is a common chord in the unperfected symphony of survival.

2. Discord is a human follicle, simply atomized by the other's presence.

1. Discouragement is a common alley, meandering through the neighborhoods of aspirations.

2. Every discouragement provides hope with an even more challenging agenda.

3. Discouragements put our aspirations in perspective with realism.

1. Diseases like matter, are never lost; only destroyed through cures.

2. We had far fewer diseases initially until we began coming up with startling cures.

1. Our path of constant disobedience has transformed humanity into a cultural icon.

Dissent has anger as its psychiatrist.

We can trust no more than we are inclined to naturally distrust.

Diversity is an obscure mountain. You have to climb it in order to be seen, and once you have reached its peak, no one can hear you well enough to agree.

Matrimony initiates us to the plausible intricacies of divorce.

Doubt, religious
1. God is an irrevocable doubt.

2. Life is a pendulum between religious belief and disbelief.

1. Doubt is judicial failure.

2. Doubt reincarnates itself in the human mind.

1. Dreams are picturesque voices from the past, the present, or the future.

2. Dreams are not efficacious seeds that germinate at the first stroke of sunlight, but resilient thoughts in a garden where the sun is eclipsed between time and fate.

Life is a progressive dullness revitalized by change.

Eating personifies survival.

Silence, constantly eavesdrops on wisdom and intuition.

1. Economics is an existential virus.

2. Every economic concept is yet another spare part vital to the colossal turbine of humanity.

1. Education is a dialect of the mind, not the transcript to survival.

2. Education gives our minds a seemingly common facsimile.

1. Every being is an indispensable effort in humanity's potential to survive.

2. Life is not an effortless victory but the architectural compounding of equilateral efforts.

If our egos had ears, we would quickly realize that Truth has not heard quite as much about us as we surely seem to think it has.

There is divine elegance in the fabric of existence corrupted by the vulgarities of survival.

One's conscience is the essence of one's eloquence.

1. Life is riddled with seismic emotions.

2. The mind is most vulnerable in the chemistry of our emotions.

Life provides us with the means and the resilience to endure the rigors of existence, until our life sentence on earth is commuted by death.

1. Envy is human temperament, inevitably harmless, until it begins to develop into an emotional cinder.

2. Envy is a hindering aptitude.

3. Envy is a basic human disease, induced from direct or indirect contact with other fellow beings.

Truth cannot be interpreted, none more than darkness can.

Death is the best axiom of equality.

1. Error is not a human malfunction but the subordination of our reckless potential to prevail.

2. We lack infallibility so that we may err like commoners.

3. Life is a living error in an ever progressive sense, and our purpose in existence is to constructively rectify it.

Life is a biological imprisonment within the walls of existence from which we eventually escape via death.

1. Time estranges us with age.

2. History reconciles itself through a series of compatible estrangements.

Eternity is boundless. And when I look at the calming darkness one more time before I close my eyes, I thank the powers that be for having given me the opportunity of experiencing the overwhelming mystic of the essence called 'life'.

Evidence is not necessarily truth's mouthpiece.

Frustration, in collaboration with envy, pioneers evil.

An exaggeration which does not need any bona fide parts is an undisputed patent.

There is excellence in all things and in all beings, if we are excellently impartial in our judgement of them.

1. Success enables us to live fortuitously in excess of our means.

2. Excess is failure's safety valve.

1. Excuses have a tendency to embezzle its own resources.

2. If there is room for error, therein, undoubtedly, is also room for excuses.

1. Existence is an irreversible disparity.

2. Existence is an unconditional guarantee to all its inhabitants.

3. Existence is an inexhaustible permanence of mind, matter and spirit.

4. Existence provides us the opportunity and the privilege to temporarily appeal the death sentence imposed on life.

5. Existence instills in us the obligation to live in order that posterity might not be a wasted effort.

1. We have all been here so many times to master the simplicity of accepting that which is present rather than that which is fondly illusive. How foolishly yet, we seem to overlook this existential fact.

2. Existentialism is an irrevocable matrimony between life and death.

The human mind is a library of charismatic expectations.

Life is a creatively delayed expediency towards death.

Exploitation is a sub-human trait.

Money does not truly market our face; conscience does.

Every life in due time and process becomes another fact, either endorsing or invalidating other facts.

1. Our failures become the icon for some one else's reflection.

2. Life is not a measure of failure or success, but a measure of experiencing the evitable through the inevitable.

3. Failure is an unbearable equinox between the haves and the have nots.

4. Let there be failure, as much as life can impose and tolerance can withstand, for without failures, life would have been a oneway traffic jam unto success!

5. Failure too bears its own indigenous fruits.

1. Faith harmonizes fear.

2. Faith determines God's face value.

3. Faith is a well armored hope.

4. Without faith, humanity would have been a retrogressing orphanage.

1. Every falsehood takes away from Truth what time had so painstaking achieved and patented.

2. We can overcome failure as limitlessly as we conscientiously try, but we cannot overcome a conscientiously established falsehood.

1. Fame draws in a multitude of strangers through the door you endeavored so hard to open.

2. Fame is turning your life into a public camera.

1. Fanaticism is a student of psychology in the classroom of disenchantment.

2. Without fanatics, humanity would only have been an inaudible whisper in time's amphitheater.

Once in existence, it is a matter of drudging fate to remain alive, or overcome that fate in a brief note of suicide.

1. Fear is a hallucinatory drug. An overdose induces paranoia.

2. Fear is a triggerless gun.

3. Fear repossesses our ability to survive as motivated beings.

Wars diminish our instinct to exist for the benefit of posterity.

Flattery is ingratiatingly self-taught.

Life is a flexible root in survival's drought.

There will always be those amongst us who will succeed through pestilence every bit as well as flies do.

Fools are a growing necessity in a society where the pressure to succeed is dictated by mental and emotional mishaps.

1. Forgiveness often languishes, while the heart and the mind exercise their arrogant options.

2. Forgiveness should not be a calculable response.

Life is a declining fortitude.

1. Patience is fortune's fortune teller.

2. Life will always be an endangered fortune.

Free Speech
1. Liars give freedom of speech its absolute autonomy.

2. Freedom of speech cannot be parleyed with freedom of tolerance.

1. Existence is the metabolism of everlasting friendship between time, life and space.

2. True friendship is an emotionally stable bridge between time and space, and the ever increasing traffic of memories.

3. Friendship is an evocative process inducing warmth or alienation.

Life is an ongoing interlude between frustration and hope.

Funerals unconditionally remind us that we have not yet been mortally convicted or evicted.

Gambling enshrines our untiring expectations with tangible hopes.

Humanity is like any other garden made up of weeds, thorns, fences, pickets, critics and vandals.

Life is a gateway to eternity, and death is the obliging doorman.

A gentleman is generally a good hearted coward.

God has the gentleness of silence.

Every good gesture inspires another.

Glory takes you one step higher than reality, from which to dramatically fall back very much on your own.

1. God is fear crested with the unseen gems of reverence.

2. God does not spend his Omniscience opening and closing doors, but in creating them all along.

3. God exists, and life is a transcendental cloud.

4. God does not need to exist for himself.

5. Man is a fountain pen; cerebrum the ink fluid, and God the inkpot.

Good Nature
1. Good nature has no allergies.

2. One cannot exist and be good natured at the same time. One can only be circumstantially good natured.

Good and Evil
Evil is an essential good as much as excessive good can be an ongoing evil.

Gossip is the wavelength between the curious and the idle.

Every government, in time, leaves humanity with a political lesion or two.

1. We are more suited at being ungrateful than we are in asking others to oblige us with favors.

2. Let us not make gratitude a degenerative disease.

3. Gratitude seldom remembers your last name.

4. True gratitude has no vocabulary, only emotional adjectives.

There is a mystic greatness in every being, obliged by social indifference.

1. Greed imbues in us an irreverence for the dignified values of existence.

2. Greed does not extend life. It merely sets one's conscience up for trial in the courtroom of ethics.

3. Greed flourishes like weeds only to be eventually struck down by some one else's wrath.

1. Life must surpass grief, for grief is time's melancholy.

2. Grief is realization finding itself suddenly all alone.

Growth and Development
Every form of growth sustains and magnifies the purpose of our own growth in the lab of existence.

1. Time absolves the guilt we inherit through life.

2. Guilt is a repertoire of unsolicited emotions.

3. Guilt, is a solitary feeling.

Life is humanity's oldest habit.

It takes many a handshake to reverse the one that ended in betrayal.

Happiness is learning to give up the strive for all that which isn't and cannot be.

Haste cannot be accomplished at ease, but to the accompaniment of lightning and thunder.

1. Hatred is an emotional weapon, made physical by the mind.

2. Hatred has paranoia as its mentor and revenge as its ally.

1. Time becomes demonetized currency when one's health is on the decline.

2. Health is nature's credit card, with a credit limit of "hope".

Hell is our own live-in creation in conjunction with hatred.

Life is a hereditary disease.

When intuition pauses to reason, hesitation is the result.

History is an unrelenting spear, bent into a boomerang and flung into time.

1. Homeland is where peace of mind abounds.

2. Origin is our true homeland and earth is a place where we rehash our unresolved differences.

1. Honesty is not a condition precedent to survival or to being justly rewarded in the end. It is a precious human value.

2. Honesty only works for itself, and is Truth's principal shareholder

3. Honesty is a bank account that accrues no interest but is constantly drawn from by the idle, the leery and the vested.

1. We have the respiratory faculty at any given moment to resuscitate hope rather than succumb to despair.

2. Hope is a tiny speck of light which enlarges through patience.

3. Hope provides us with pacifying illusions of reality.

4. Hope is an exasperating wait.

5. As I age with existence, I begin to appreciate the beautiful nuances of life on time's undiscerning canvas. The remote past, the ambivalent present and the uncertain future........all these so painstakingly mounted and framed and captioned by HOPE.

1. Diplomacy is humanity's safety valve.

2. We cannot progress into humanism without first comprehending that we came into existence through the other, and we cannot exist without the other.

1. Humanity is a feudal puzzle.

2. Humanity is a fragmented part of the memory we can tolerate in the course of each life time.

Humility resonates God's unseen omnipotence.

As life becomes more saddened by the clouds of survival, so too shall humor become more and more an endangered wit.

1. It isn't that there isn't enough food as it is that there isn't enough conscientiousness.

2. Survival shall always be impeded by hunger.

From time to time, our idealism are accentuated by profound hypocrisies.

1. Every ideal must be perfected by opposition if it is to evolve for the benefit of others.

2. Every life comes invested in some idealism. While some make it to mountain tops and others to the stars, the majority silently tick on as indispensable seconds in humanity's ephemeral clock.

Perseverance stalls ideas from drifting into oblivion.

We can only become what we are capable of and for the greater part, sincerely admire others for who they are.

Life is a self-centered ideology.

Survival deactivates the idleness that comes packaged in life.

There will always be a needless abundance of idlers overseeing any given instance of curiosity.

1. Ignorance is an insoluble perception in the crucible of knowledge.

2. In every sphere of knowledge, are the hemispheres of ignorance.

Illegality is contemplated by human motive in order to inculcate in humanity the enzymes of vice and error.

Existence is a psychological illness in which life attempts to seek a shortlived cure.
We all come implanted with idealistic illusions.
There will always be superficial room for the illustrious to become more illustrious, for such is the theatrics of life.

Imagination is thoughts losing their inhibition and becoming timeless.

1. Life is a progressive imitation of the natural and the unnatural.

2. Life does not imitate truth; it generally seeks to work its way around it.

Truth is neither partial nor impartial, but the impulse of its quintessential essence.

1. Life, symbolizes in us the ability to experience perfection, or imperfection.

2. It is through our imperfections that we establish the rungs to success.

Imperialism modifies the scope of human greed.

Reality is founded on the principles of impermanence.

Nature was not intended to be improved upon with our progress.

Impulsiveness makes us ulteriorly successful, not necessarily remarkable.

Incompatibility is a natural contagion brought on by prolonged human contact.

All of life is the same incompetence at birth, and greatness arises from seeking and adhering to the principles of uncommon competence.

1. Indecision prevails, whenever the situation does not have enough words to frame a question.

2. From indecisions, come other errors, sparking wisdom or irreversible regret.

Where differences prevail, it is not essential to be indifferent.

Each being is created unto the likeness of that which is necessary in order to sustain humanity through the rigors of time.

Inequality is humanity's biological pivot.

1. Infidelity is toxic guilt.

2. Infidelity is a subconscious plot against our own conscience.

Our remarkable ingenuity, sadly reckoning, is beginning to overshadow us with extinction.

Ingratitude assures our legacy in the hallmark of oblivion.

The essence of being alive is our only true inheritance. The rest is an emotional jigsaw.

You cannot fight injustice with your bare hands, only with endearing patience and uncompromising zeal.

1. Life is an indepth mystery into the presumption of innocence or guilt.

2. Innocence is not as complex as guilt, and as such, the guilty often prevail over the innocent.

Every untruth shall end up with inquiry as its terminal tumor.

Politics has given this world an insatiable belly.

The mind is an unreliable pivot between sincerity and insincerity.

1. Greed provides us with the most prolific of inspirations.

2. Inspiration is a hollow seed that sprouts through perspiration in the fields of perseverence.
3. I derive my inspiration from the subconscious. The subconscious is my eye into the overwhelming realm of the 'Unknown'.

1. Insults mirror our prejudices.

2. Insult is our most formidable boomerang.

Integrity is a non-biodegradable truth.

Intelligence is not a prepackaged mind.

Our lives are constantly tempered by other lives into a creativity of intemperances.

1. Life is not a perfect climate for lasting intimacies.

2. The mind is our sincerest intimacy between who we are and what we become.

3. Humanity is an index to the intimacy between life and death.

Intolerance is a psychological handicap.

1. Intuition neither memorizes nor argues.

2. Intuition has one side effect: hesitation.

Invention derives its inspiration from the impossible.

Every new born babe is time's investment in making humanity an ongoing hostage between hope and anxiety.

No life must be an island; neither must it enlarge or encroach into a continent so as to encroach the lives and activities of others.

Involvement is politics' third eye.

We go into all this trouble struggling to maintain an address, only to part, leaving no address behind.

Life is a barometric isolation in death's intemperance.

1. Jealousy takes us back to the disease called hatred.

2. Jealousy is a self-inflicted prejudice.

3. Jealousy is our most guarded secret.

1. Jesus walked as a commoner, amidst commoners, leaving behind footprints larger than humanity.

2. Jesus is not a narration, but a Truth which evokes faith.

3. Jesus does not symbolize the Power of God, but the most daring simplicity of God on Earth.

A judge must first impartially fear his own conscience before he can sit in judgement of others.

2. Time, not man, is truth's ultimate judge.

Judging Others
1. Judging others is not a human task, as the mind is a temperamental kaleidoscope, usually hogging the best pieces unto itself.

2. Facts are judged by Truth, and Truth in turn by time.

3. Judging others is a natural imperfection.

4. In the courtroom of our egos, we have the means and the resilience to try others.

1. Justice through time is immortally different from justice through man. The former is through realization; the latter is through monthly wages.

2. If justice was free, it would have taken the politics out of law, and dignified the common man with tangible hope.

3. The aim of justice is to demoralize truth.

4. Frivolous adjournments subjects justice to a state of amnesia.

Kindness is an authentic thought, not a thought provoking process.

1. The serious quest for knowledge, helps us comfortably forget, that we won't be needing it forever.

2. Intelligence is the wavelength between knowledge and ignorance.

1. Time is a predetermined language in the scope of survival.

2. God is one and the same language, spoken with a different accent in different parts of the world.

The ability to realize time rather than exploit it, gives life its singular largeness.

Laughter has no prerequisites.

Law and Lawyers
1. Ordinary words were given the complexity called law which only lawyers can interpret through adjournments and appeals.

2. Law is a lawless version of justice.

3. Truth is time's law, ever frequently revised by the circumstances of human existence and survival.

1. Man was not created to conform to the shackles of law; he was unequally created to respond to the wisdom of the law.

Laziness is an ambulatory disease.

Man shall forever be led by all that which came before him.

Every leadership eventually instills a decaying sense of morale amongst its following.

1. There is liberty in the eye of perseverance.

2. Liberty is a sturdy pair of shoes that the rich can afford to have them custom fit their feet.

3. True liberty is a subconscious reverie.

1. You cannot navigate lies like you can truth. Lies go by a blank compass.

1. Life constantly evolves into the inevitable called 'now', the 'moment after', and the 'moment to come'.

2. Life is a dramatized illusion of the organism called "us".

3. Life measures itself unto its own end.

4. Life is a pair of wings, and confidence provides it with feathers.

5. Life, is time's maturing gift.

6. Every life is either Truth's synonym or its antonym.

7. Life is a multilingual guilt.

8. Our stay on earth is pendulously fragile between Truth and Regret.

Life and Death
Death is gently slipping away into the perpetuity of oblivion.

Life, stages of
1. Life is not recyclable.

2. The human life is the mileage from earth to Truth.

3. Humanity is a timeless stream of life, flowing through the geography of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

4. Life is a pioneering mechanics of vision, greed and failure.

5. Life was not intended to be a guiltless aspiration.

6. There is always a way to become better if you try. . . .to reach farther, if you keep at it.

7. Life is a wonderful blessing; the rest is a consequence of our own making.

8. Life, ultimately speaking, becomes what you think of it.

Life is limited by our ability to limit it.

Liquor is an intoxicating freeway, where the rich and the poor face the same degree of risk and catastrophe.

One must not suffer tolerance by listening to that which one lacks the audacity to otherwise question or disprove.

Logic enables us to progressively steal from Truth or risk conviction.

1. You are not alone. Even he who has conquered the top of life's highest mountain finds the need to descend in order to be among those who have not made it, and might never make it.

2. Life was inspired by loneliness, and loneliness shall always be life's most empathic path.

Only the stars have the longevity of time and timelessness. All else is as ephemeral as the fog . . . . as deeply uncertain as life.

1. Losing gives us a frightening illusion of reality.

2. Every loser is a worthwhile syllable in someone else's line of profit or success.

Love and Hate
1. When ideology becomes the rungs to hatred, existence becomes an orphan.

2. True love does not sustain on love, but on everything else that makes love go wrong.

3. Love has two consanguineous side effects: depression and ecstasy.

4. Love is an ageless sentiment.

5. Love is an emotional debut in humanity's network of hope, suspense and paranoia.

Loyalty is not plain human conduct, but an act of aspiration in the face of despair.

1. Luxury is to the affluent what moisture is to weeds.

2. Existence compels us into survival, and luxury is the overbearing privilege of a few.

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