Bom Jesus Basilica Art Gallery
Dom Martin

St. Francis Xavier


The Bom Jesus Basilica art gallery is the first and the largest modern church art gallery of its
kind in Asia, comprising of 36 oil paintings and 14 ink drawings, of these,
31 (oil paintings) admeasure 4ft. x 5 ft, while the largest two, 'The Last Judgement'
and 'Genesis', admeasure 6ft. x 9ft and 4ft. x 28 ft, respectively.

The paintings were commissioned by the late Fr. George D'Sa in a scenario where

the artist, DOM MARTIN, was only compensated for the materials while offering his creativity, gratis.


The paintings were executed between 1973 and 1976.

On the upper level of the gallery are photographs of Churches and other monuments

 taken by the world-renowned photographer, Benoy Behl.

The gallery also has on display a number of priceless wooden

statues of Christian saints.


St. Francis Xavier

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